Free CNA Practice Test: The Ultimate Guide!

Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand, and becoming one can lead to an extremely rewarding career helping others. CNAs perform many functions in a healthcare environment, such as providing assistance dressing and bathing patients or passing out food at mealtimes all under the supervision of a nurse. The job is a great way to help those in need, and the variety of locations one can work as a CNA are many and varied, from hospitals, to doctors’ offices, to home health care organizations.

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must first meet a few criteria. For example, many CNA schools require that you have no prior suspension of past CNA certification and that your criminal record contain no felonies for abuse or theft. However, perhaps the most important criterion required to become a CNA is a state-approved CNA test.

A great way to prepare way to prepare for the CNA test is attending a state certified school. Generally, courses in a CNA school take 80 clock hours to complete, and some schools offer a mixture of classroom teaching and actual clinical experience. Though the training one receives in certified nursing school is extensive, perhaps the best way to prepare for the actual test is to take a practice test.

In the majority of states, the official test involves both an oral or written portion as well as a portion of the test in which you will be required to demonstrate your skills. In most states, the oral or written portion can be administered in either English or Spanish. Taking the test can be stressful (of course!), and going through a dry run with a CNA practice test can not only help calm your nerves and offer you reassurance, but it can also help you pinpoint areas in which you might need to strengthen so that you can study those areas even more before the actual test and can approach it with more confidence. Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Exam!

Here at, we have actually developed our very own practice tests that you can take free of charge.  In fact, we have 4 practice tests, all 25 questions in length.  Here is a sample of the first 11 questions:

1. The general term for a person needing health care is

a. patient

b. resident

c. health care consumer

d. health care provider

2. The nursing assistant gives physical care and emotional support to patients under the direction of the licensed nurse. True or False

3. How you look reflects the pride you feel in yourself. True or False

4. A nursing assistant who has a question regarding an assignment should properly ask the

a. physician

b. charge nurse

c. physiotherapist

d. administrator

5. Mr. Chan’s daughter is visiting and wants to know what her father’s blood pressure reading is. Your best response is to

a. tell her

b. say you don’t know

c. refer her to the nurse

d. refer her to another assistant who measured blood pressure this morning


6. Mrs. Rosario has very fragile skin that tears and bruises easily. The nurse instructed the nursing assistant to handle the patient gently to prevent injury. The assistant is in a hurry and bumps Mrs. Rosario’s leg against the side rail, causing a large skin tear. This is an example of

a. slander

b. invasion of privacy

c. libel

d. negligence

7. A patient may not refuse any treatment prescribed by the physician.

True or False

8. You forget to put the side rails up when ordered, and the patient falls. You are guilty of negligence. True or False

9. Ethics relates to moral rights and wrongs of behavior. True or False

10. Patients may not be subjected to either verbal or physical abuse. True or False

11. The purpose of shift report is to

a. give information about all the patients on the nursing unit

b. discuss the social activities of the staff

c. tell the nursing assistants when they are scheduled for days off

d. rest before starting work

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Where To Take the CNA Practice Test

As a simple search in your favorite search engine will reveal, there are a plethora of online websites that offer to allow you to take a CNA practice test. Of course, like so many things having to do with the internet, it’s best to check your sources to make sure that the practice test that is offered up is legitimate and has the actual practice test available.  We’ve got a few places listed below.


A word of warning here, however. If a website offers to allow you to take the CNA test for a charge, you might want to skip it. There are definitely legitimate avenues you can go through to take the a practice exam for free. Also, if the site asks for extensive personal details, that should be another warning flag for you. As with anything involving your personal or financial information, be cautious with the information you share with the anonymous faces on the Internet.

The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program is the largest certified nurse assistant certification exam program in the US. Twenty-four regions use NNAAP tests as the basis for obtaining CNA certification. These regions include states such as Texas, Alabama, and Georgia as well as regions such as Washington DC and United States holdings like the Virgin Islands and Guam.

The NNAAP offers a CNA practice test on its website, and is as official as you can get if your state is one of the states under the legislature of the NNAAP. Best of all, this exam is 100% free and can be taken in the comfort of your own home. The practice test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and is available in .pdf format. An answer key is provided so that you can grade yourself to see what your strengths are and what areas need a little more work. Additionally, this practice test is available to anyone, including those not currently enrolled in certified nursing assistant school.

Even if you do not live in one of the states or regions administered by the NNAAP, the test can still be quite useful as many of the questions are likely to be similar on other states’ tests. However, it would definitely be to your benefit to find a practice test specifically for your state, but in a pinch the test from another state will do to at least give you some idea of the sorts of questions you might encounter on the real test.

Similar to the NNAAP test, another reputable site that offers a CNA practice test is the site This site offers a small test of ten questions for free, and a larger, more complex and complete test available for a charge. The test can be taken and is graded online. Unlike many sites that charge for such a test, this is a well-known site among caregivers and is one that can be trusted with your financial and personal information.

Another good, reliable source for taking the CNA practice test may very well be the school you are attending for your certification. Many schools offer a free practice test to their students. The specifics may vary; some may allow you to take the practice test only after finishing your training, while others may require you to take an oral test rather than a written one. Some schools will administer the test under the direction and supervision of a teacher while others might allow the student to take the test without any sort of supervision. Check with your CNA school to get all the details as to whether they even offer a practice test and if so what the procedure to follow is to take the test.

In addition to actually taking a practice test, the internet can reveal to you a set of flashcards that have many of the same or similar questions on them. This can serve is a sort of practice test for you if you are unable to find such a test through another venue. A good example of practice questions in flash card format can be found here.

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